Word Lists and Dictionaries

Note: All Web-accessible Japanese dictionaries (on- and off-line) that I've come across seem to use Jim Breen's EdictKanjidic, or XJDIC as the base.

  1. Edict 
    Jim Breen's English<->Japanese dictionary (actually a wordlist), and his KanjiDic (database of info on kanji). See also Jim Breen's Japanese Page, where he lists his projects, the latest being Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Serverand the newest project, the JMDict Project (added 8.7.00). (see further info in section 4). (Edict and related links updated on 08.07.00.)
  2. JJDict
    Jack Palevich's Java-Based Japanese-English dictionary (No longer online. 09.01.99)

Online Searchable Dictionaries

  1. Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server (Mirror sites). 
    Developed by Jim Breen to enable direct WWW access to the dictionary files he had compiled, and to provide some of the functionality on the WWW of the various dictionary search engines associated with him. (Original link added 10.07.97; updated 08.07.00; mirror sites add 09.18.00.)
  2. Jeffrey Friedl's Japanese<->English Online Dictionary (Mirror Site A
    Website includes links to other online resources are also included. (Link updated and mirror sites added 09.01.99)
  3. JavaDict
    Todd Rudick's Japanese/English dictionary and character dictionary browser featuring handwriting recognition-based character lookup. (Link added 9.01.99)
  4. Kitamakura's Online Glossary Index.
    Links to Japanese and English glossaries. (Link added 09.01.99)
  5. Kanji Networks.
    Lawrence J. Howell and Hikaru Morimoto's online dictionary of phonosemantic interpretations of Chinese characters. (Link added 03.18.14)