ChinaLinks 1: General Resources for Chinese Studies

Associations, etc.

  1. American Oriental Society. AOS home page
    (includes Journal of the American Oriental Society)
  2. Association for Asian Studies. AAS home page.
    1. Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) (Online BAS)
    2. Journal of Asian Studies
      (This is part of the JSTOR Collection, which archives backfiles of academic journals online, including the following Asian studies journals: China Journal, Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, and Pacific Affairs.)
    3. Far Eastern Quarterly: searchable, e-texts of JAS and earlier FEQ.
  3. The Society for Sung, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasties Studies
  4. Institute of History and Philology (Big5) (Academia Sinica, Taiwan (Big5/Eng))

    Other websites to visit:
    1. Chinese Language and Linguistics Associations (part of MC's ChinaLinks)
    2. Scholarly Societies Project. University of Waterloo Electronic Library's info on, and links to, scholarly societies across the world.


  1. Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Internet guide to Asian studies; maintained at ANU, in collaboration with other international "virtual librarians" or Editors of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library maintaining more specialized websites.
  2. China WWW Virtual Library: Internet Guide for China Studies (IGCS), a must visit website with extensive, annotated links pertaining to language, literature, culture, history, bibliographies, booksellers and publishers, online journals, geography, philosophy and religion, society, etc.; maintained at U. of Heidelberg as part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. In addition, their IGSC Search Engine can search both within the IGCS website and (all) other WWW VL sites.
  3. East Asia and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources. Robert Y. Eng's website at U. of Redlands for links to academic resources for Asia, China, Japan and Asian American Studies, as well as other resources for East and Southeast Asia.
  4. CEAL: Council on East Asian Libraries. Part of the Association for Asian Studies, members are librarians from across U.S. and Canada. A must-visit site for a wealth of E. Asian internet resources.

For general library resources

try our OSU Libraries' Catalogs, with links to OSCAR, OhioLINKS, and other libraries' catalogs. Also check out Libweb: Library WWW Servers (in over 70 countries) and IFLA's links to Web Accessible National and Major Libraries of the World.

  1. Asian Studies Online Bookshops. Links to online bookstores; part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.
  2. Extensive set of online Asian publishers and book dealers, including: Cheng & Tsui - China Books and Periodicals.

Additional online publishers/book dealers for Chinese materials (include tips from Richard S. Cook, Carlos McEvilly, Miguel Fiallos, Peace Lee, Erik Peterson, Dylan Sung, Thomas Chan, Wai-keung Chung, James Dew, and Olli Salmi):

  1. SOHOO's Online Bookstore links (GB)
  2. Asia for Kids (alt URL)
  3. Cheng & Tsui
    Cheng & Tsui is an independent publisher and distributor of Asian language-learning textbooks and educational materials.
    (Chinese language children's books, tapes, CD's)
  5. China Books and Periodicals
  6. ChinaSprout
    (Children's books, VCD's, CD's in Mandarin/Cantonese, etc.)
  7. Chinese Books Cyberstore
  8. The Commercial Press: Beijing
  9. The Commercial Press: Hong Kong
  10. [ (HK)]
  11. Crane Publishing Co.
  12. (PRC)
  13. Eastwind Books of Berkeley (If you cannot find a particular title, please feel free to email us at:
  14. Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co.
  15. Paragon Book Gallery
  16. Multilingual Books and Tapes (Chinese Page)
  17. Nanhai Co. Inc. (for books, CD's, and videotapes)
  18. YesAsia (incl. CD/VCD/DVDs)
  19. Ricci Academic Database
    (on linguistics, art, anthropology, etc. (in English and Chinese))
    (or FLCE-Amazon's The Bookstore for books on the Chinese language)
  21. (BarnesandNoble) (Search 'Chinese language', for ex.)
  22. Dover Publications
  23. ( an Ebay Company)
  24. Best Book Buys (search and compare prices at)

Out-of-Print and Rare Books

  1. Advanced Book Exchange (try this first)
  2. Alibris (was: Interloc)
  3. Bibliofind
    (now combined with
  4. Boston Book Company
  5. Powell's Books
    ("the largest new and used bookstore in the world")
  6. Nineteenth Century Books on China,
    containing 733 monographs about China written in English, or translated into English, and their corresponding linguistic collection
  7. Nineteenth Century Books on Linguistics,
    containing 1,200 texts, of which 49 records were found via a Title Keyword search for "Chinese," for example. (These are two of Chadwyck-Healey's eleven collections (totalling over 23,000 works) that are available on microfiche on The Nineteenth Century. Note that these are now sold as *collections*.)

Book dealers/presses with e-mail/fax and no website

(include tips from James Dew, Jerry Packard, & Baohui Wang):

  1. Beijing Language and Culture University Press (Beijing): Fax: (10) 62317241.
  2. Commercial Press (HK) Ltd. (Hong Kong): E-mail: or, and Fax: (852) 2764-2418. [Website: Commercial Press: H.K.]
  3. Student Book Co., Ltd. (Taipei): E-mail:, and Fax: (886-2) 363-6334.
  4. Lexis Book Co., Ltd. (Taipei): E-mail:, and Fax: (886-2) 356-8068.

Includes publishers that are not online.

  1. Background Notes: China (79k). Informative, archive site for U.S. Department of State's information on China prior to 20 January 2001, from the State Department's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.
  2. BrainTrack: College & University Directory. Comprehensive searchable directory of colleges and universities worldwide. For U.S. colleges specifically, searches can be made by state, alphabetically, by religion and by career. International institutions can be searched by region of the world, by country, etc.
  3. China Education and Research Network (CERNET). A wealth of resources and links from the first nation-wide education and research computer network in China (PRC). (Updated URL thanks to Dee Call)
  4. China 10K (Zhonghua Wannian Wang). Multimedia website for Chinese studies, including culture, literature, history, etc., with text, voice and videos. Video voiceover is available in Mandarin (Putonghua), Cantonese, and English. (thanks to Jennifer Jay) (Eng/Big5/GB)
  5. Or see this website's more detailed instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing to the CHINESE List.

Additional Chinese listservs

  • Chinese-Mac List, with info on how to subscribe that is part of the Chinese Mac Home; and MCLC Discussion List (Ohio State University's Kirk Denton, my colleague, MCLC listowner, and editor of the journal, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.

Reference Materials

  1. Classical Historiography for Chinese History. Biblio. compiled by Benjamin Elman (Big5); also visit his on-line course syllabus, Topics in the History of Science in Imperial China, with extensive references.
  2. Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites. Over 3,000 links maintained by Weiqing Huang at
  3. East Asian Resources. Links at Smith College Libraries.
  4. Maps of Asia. From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin. 
  5. Nature Asia. Info in Chinese (GB) and Japanese from Nature, the international weekly journal of science. (Thanks to Nigel Greenwood)
  6. Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought. A. Charles Muller's website, with WWW CJK-English Dictionary Database, Dictionary of East Asian (CJK) Buddhist Terms, online Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist e-texts, etc.
  7. The Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History. Established in 1984 at the University of San Francisco and incorporated into the University in 1988 as the research arm of the Center for the Pacific Rim, the Ricci Institute, named after the 16th-century Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci, dedicates its resources to publications, sponsorship of symposia and lectures, and collaboration between Chinese and Western scholars in the field of Chinese-Western cultural history with a concentration on the history of Christianity in China. Resources include: library, the Rouleau Archives On-line Catalog. the Ricci Roundtable Database, publications, on-line exhibits, etc.
  8. Word Lists and Online Glossaries/Dictionaries. My links to Chinese (and some Japanese) resources. (Big5) (See also A Web of On-Line Dictionaries. R. Beard's set of links to more than 600 dictionaries in 150 different languages.)
  9. See also my Online General Reference Tools for general resources.


  1. Republic of China: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.
    • Info Division, New York office; cultural events; visa application to Taiwan, etc. For help with U.S. passport renewal and other American citizen services in Taiwan, contact the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT).